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MOT, Ministry of Trees? Talking about parts and service!

The whys and wherefores of fruit trees

In my experience, most people have their car serviced twice a year. The average life time of a car is no more than 7 years. A fruit tree has an average life of 28 years. That is 4 times as long. And yet many people plant a tree and then forget about servicing the poor tree! By that I mean a fruit tree also needs to be serviced at least twice a year. Just the same as your car.
But then most people say, “Well what am I supposed to do?” I hope that the topic of fruit tree care and the elementary principles on which fruit tree care should be based will become clearer as time goes by. I will regularly update the whys and wherefores via this blog .This will particularly apply to trees grown in Northern Europe. Warmer climates changes things for trees substantially, and several other points need to be taken in consideration. All in all, fruit trees are very responsive to the care and attention given. The result will be regular crops of reasonable quality, without having to resort to genetic manipulation or extensive use of chemicals. That is my experience gained over many years.

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