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Cooking apples, an overview

As explained in an earlier article, all apples can be cooked. However some apples are specifically cooking apples, often based on the size and acidity of the fruits. If thought out and chosen carefully, it is perfectly possible to have your own cooking apples supply, 12 months of the year.

The next factor to take in consideration is where in the country you want to plant your cooking apples. Various varieties are better suited to North and others like the warmer South. But what applies to them all is that pollination has to be right in order to have regular crops to harvest. A few varieties will even succeed in notorious frost pockets. All the same, if you have the choice of planting higher up the slopes instead of the valley, where cold air tends to collect at night and early in the morning, particularly at blossom time, it is far better to avoid planting in low lying areas.

I have chosen from a range of the best cooking apples. These varieties will be available from us, later in the year. As always the best time to plant them is from December to March. However order from September onwards, to make sure the variety you would like is not already sold out, as often happens later on in the season. The varieties to choose from, to fit your particular needs, wherever you are situated in the country, are in alphabetical order as follows:
Annie Elisabeth
Arthur Turner
Blenheim Orange
Bramley’s Seedling
Edward the VII
Golden Noble
Howgate Wonder
Lord Derby
Newton Wonder
Reverend Wilks
Warner King

Over the coming months I will review each variety individually.

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