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Wrens, a sad story

For years we have had wrens nesting close to our house. By early November 2012, as usual, the wren family with about 6 offspring had prepared a wonderful moss-lined nest, near the roof beams inside the tractor shed. It would be their home for the winter, in which they would have their long winter sleep during the period in which no little insects were to be found during the cold winter days. Wrens in fact eat almost exclusively insects.
They emerged at the start of spring. But spring 2013 was long and cold. The wrens went out to find their food at the normal time. But there wasn’t any food in the form of little grubs or small insects. It just was too cold. Disaster struck: all these little birds starved to death. The bird table stocked with food just wasn’t to their liking. To date, 3 months later, there is still no wren to be found. They are such wonderful little birds with a strong and melodious song… we miss them greatly.


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