Top fruit tree growing advice and information from Real English Fruit

Growing fruit in difficult climate and soil

Here are the main rules to follow if climate and soil are difficult:
1) Apples and plums are the hardiest fruit types.
2) Always plant at least 2 of each to ensure good cross fertilization.
3) Do not rely solely on self fertile status. Even those trees do better if they have a suitable cross pollinating mate.
4) Make intelligent use of any type of wind break. Insects and birds, essential to fruit trees, will visit at crucial times.
5) Give the trees a chance. Don’t choke the roots under a carpet of grass and perennial weeds.
6) The trunk of the tree is the main transport channel for the supply and delivery of water and food to each part of the tree. Protect the trunk from damage caused by cattle, deer, rabbits, mice etc.

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