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Variety choice; eating, cooking, juicing, slicing, baking, cider making

apples on treeIf you are planning to have your own orchard, or just a few trees in the garden, the question arises of which variety of fruit to plant . The most reliable trees from the cropping point of view are apples. Secondly you may then ask yourself, which apple variety suits me best? Which type of apple will be liked by the children and which apple does grandma prefer? I don’t want all the apples to ripen at the same time. So how do I set about making the right choice? In the end it all comes down to a few elementary principles.

1) All apples, picked when mature, will become sweet. Some are by nature sweet when it is harvest time. Others have a degree of sharpness at harvest time and will retain their sharpness longer. Therefore if you plant more than one tree, it is best to choose different varieties. In that way your fruit will not all ripen at the same time. At harvest time, all apples are crisp. However the late maturing apples keep their crispness the longest.

2) All apples will cook. However some apples are better suited than others. The same applies to baking and apples used for slicing. Some apples will retain their shape when baked, others go to mush. If you would like to order trees from us, just indicate the characteristics you are looking for on our online form, and we will tell you.

3) The best apples for keeping are the late maturing apples, picked in October, some even in November, particularly the smaller sized apples. However, always keep them in a dark place, which should be the coolest possible. The ideal temperature at which to keep apples is around 3 degrees Celsius.

4) Humidity around apples is important to reduce shrivelling. When you store your apples, cover them loosely with plastic, for example an open plastic bag.

5) If you have the room, store the fruit in single layers. This will reduce the spread of rotting from one apple to another.

6) Finally if you lack the space, then keep the apples in the bottom of your fridge as soon as you have picked them.

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