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Quince – Meeches Early Prolific

One response to “Quince – Meeches Early Prolific

  1. Juliette Lee June 25, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    I’m about to plant up a garden for a client, and have suggested a quince espalier preferably three tier to sit near to the house in a flowerbed edged in railway sleeper but ordinary good loamy garden soil not bottomed. The Aspect is NW, (on the west side) but I was there today and it was very sunny and warm though that area part shaded by 12. It would be trained on to the back of a neighbours garage and a metre from the house so quite sheltered.
    Which quince would you recommend and what is the tallest specimen and max number of tiers you can supply and do they come attached to bamboo canes?

    I’m also looking for an ornamental cherry, with pink flowers and attractive bark to fan out along the back of the neighbouring house it will be planted into the ground though I will have to cut into membrane and lift gravel to do so. Up to 10m ideal.
    Many thanks
    Juliette Lee

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