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Suntan, photo courtesy of Home Orchard Society Incorporated

Suntan, photo courtesy of Home Orchard Society Incorporated

Suntan is a dessert apple, very attractive with orange-red skin over a yellowish base. It has intense aromatic, rich, sweet flavour, and a good sharpness. The fruit ripens fairly late (end September-late October) and can keep right through Christmas to February when stored correctly, in single-layer trays in a cold room or shed facing north, with lowish temperatures (not below 3°C), fluctuating as little as possible. In this way it will retain its unique flavour.

The flavour is similar, but better, than Cox’s Orange Pippin. It flowers late, and so it is suitable for the North. The tree is easy to grow, though care has to be taken with canker when grown in damper areas. It was bred in Kent in 1956 as a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin and Court Pendu Plat. This is a triploid variety, and so it needs two pollinators. The variety produces its best characteristics if grown on M9 or M26 rootstock.

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2 responses to “Suntan

  1. I Ali May 7, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    I was wondering if you had any opinions or experience of growing Suntan on other rootstocks, besides the ones you recommend (m9 & m26)? I was considering growing it on mm106, as I have had difficulties with the smaller rootstocks. Also, do you have any opinions on growing it in any other form than the recommended bush form? Would a restricted form, such as a pyramid or maybe espalier, be recommended. As it is a vigorous triploid I have no idea how it would grow as either a pyramid or espalier, but would be interested in your views.
    Kind regards,
    I Ali

    • realenglishfruit May 13, 2015 at 8:19 am

      As you already stated in your comment, Suntan is a very vigorous variety. A good and late-flowering diploid pollination partner is therefore essential to achieve regular fruit set. This is of even more importance if you use MM106 as the rootstock. If you have enough room than there is no reason why you could not use this stock. Depending on soil quality and soil depth, Suntan on MM106 will need 30 to 40 square metres of land space.

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