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New Two-Tree Orchard Pack

Our company Suffolk Fruit & Trees has introduced a new product designed specifically for gardens in which there is insufficient space for the five trees in our Standard Orchard Pack. The Two-Tree Orchard Pack makes it possible to select varieties that are compatible as regards pollination, ensuring the best possible cropping results. We can provide advice to ensure that the two trees are suitable for your location, your site and your soil, and work together symbiotically.

Is your favourite dessert Plum and Apple Crumble? In this case, the Two-Tree Orchard Pack provides an opportunity to have your own ingredients. A whole range of combinations is possible, such as two eating apples, perhaps chosen to ensure a supply of apples over several months; or an eater and a cooker, or two pears, or apple and cherry…

With respect to our Standard Orchard Pack, there is an extra advantage: an attractive price, just £40 plus delivery.

If there is one variety that you are particularly interested in but you are unsure of the second pollinating tree, just let us know using the Two-Tree Orchard Pack no-obligation order form and we’ll suggest the ideal partner. If you like, you can just specify “Apple and pear,” “Pear and walnut” and so forth, and we’ll suggest the varieties. Or simply send us an email to

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