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Top ten fruit growing tips for August

1) Keep watering your fruit trees, particularly if they are carrying a crop .

2) Look at the trunk of the trees to ensure that the bark is not damaged by lawn mowers or strimmers.

3) Mice are increasing in numbers, particularly around fruit trees. Keep the area around the trunk, grass and weed-free, as this is the sort of shelter that mice like.

4) Fruits which will store, after harvesting, for a later date; raspberries, black currants, red currants, blue berries and gooseberries freeze beautifully, without loss of quality. Check to make sure you have enough space in your freezer.

5) Keep a diary of your growing experiences, particularly if something went wrong during the growing season.

6) All fruits are ripening off later this year, due to the cold slow start in March/April time. Do not pick too early, otherwise the fruit will shrivel and will lack flavour.

7) Carry out summer pruning where necessary. Plums, cherries, green gages, peaches, nectarines and apricots must not be pruned after the end of August in order to avoid infections of various tree diseases. Apples and pears can be pruned at any time during the winter months

8) August is an ideal month to improve drainage in areas where you intend to plant trees, and loosen the soil to a two-spade depth. This is particularly true if a hard layer of soil is found within the first 60 cm of the soil profile.

9) Let us know, as your tree supplier, if you intend to plant certain specific varieties of fruit. The more unusual varieties sell out quickly. We will have good quantities of standard varieties. However, we recommend contacting us right away in order to organize your new area of fruit trees. Click here for further information on our orchard packs.

10) Label your anti bird nets. This makes it is easier to use the right nets in the right place next season.

Special offer on our Orchard Packs

Fruit almost ready for harvest

Our Orchard Packs are the first step to quality homegrown fruit

Our Orchard Pack becomes even more attractive with our special Christmas offer! Free trees for orders of two, three or four orchard packs!

We would like to say “Thank you” to customers placing new orders for more than one Orchard Pack.

If you order two orchard packs, we will supply one extra fruit tree free of charge. If you order three Orchard Packs, you will receive two extra trees free. If you order four Orchard Packs, you will receive three extra trees free.

This corresponds to a 10% discount. The offer is available from now, 12 December 2012, until stocks last.

Update 27 December 2012: Our Christmas offer has now ended.

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Choosing fruit trees that crop regularly and produce fruit of good flavour

Doctor Harvey cooking apple

Doctor Harvey cooking apple

Here are some preliminary notes on choosing fruit trees that crop regularly and produce fruit of good flavour.
There are different requirements to take in consideration to achieve early and regular cropping:
1) Weather
2) Site
3) Soil
4) Pollination needs
5) Variety characteristics
6) Disease resistance
7) Rootstock
There are no apple varieties which can tick all the boxes. Knowledge of the weather patterns in the various areas of the UK is therefore essential, in order to plant the right varieties. However there are varieties which I would give a treble A rating, when it comes to making up trios of apple varieties. Groups of three varieties are best as several varieties need good cross pollination. Without this, even excellent varieties will still perform. The ones I am going to single out all have fruits of excellent eating or cooking qualities. Secondly these varieties also excel in producing fruits of long keeping qualities.
However the right combination of these varieties needs to be made, according to the site and soil available in the different counties. Having said all this, I would put the following varieties at the top of my list. Anyone considering planting some apples should include at least two of these varieties, suitable to the area where you live.
Dessert apples:
Adams Pearmain
Claygate Pearmain
Lord Lambourne
Egremont Russet
Cooking apples:
Edward VII
Annie Elisabeth
Lane Prince Albert
Duke of Devonshire
Bramley’s Seedling
Doctor Harvey
Dual purpose apples:
James Grieve
Blenheim Orange
Norfolk Beefing

Tree deliveries now completed for this season – book early for December!

This is the worst time of the year to transplant fruit trees. The sap is rising and dormancy has been broken. My advice is to order trees around early September, for December delivery. At that stage the trees are fully dormant again. If you plant now, the trees will be severely weakened, before you start. We have now stopped all tree deliveries for that reason.

If you are planning on planting some trees next season, visit our website where you will find details of our Orchard Packs and varieties.