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Weekly update for the fruit garden – third week of August 2015


Today we picked some good sample of Discovery apples. During the first week of June, we thinned the clusters of the young fruitlets to two fruits per cluster. The effects of this are now, at picking time, very evident. The fruits are of beautiful colour, decent size and very crisp. It is always right with early maturing varieties to thin out the fruitlets, EARLY in the growing season, if you like crisp fruit with a good flavour. Never store early fruit with long term storage fruit. Early varieties produce lots of ethylene and therefore reduce the storage life of all the surrounding fruits.

Make a regular check and remove any fruits showing brown rot. Do not drop this fruit on the orchard floor. Spores easily spread and will infect other fruits still on the trees.

The rewards of a well-tended orchard

The rewards of a well-tended orchard


Continue regular picking of the autumn–fruiting raspberries. Cut out the old canes of the summer fruiting raspberries. Tie in the new shoots.


Scrumptious, photo courtesy of marmaladefly/

Scrumptious, photo courtesy of marmaladefly/

Scrumptious is a fairly new apple, a cross between Golden Delicious and Discovery created in 1980. The variety is diploid and self-fertile: no pollination problems. It produces attractive blossom in spring, and it is frost-resistant. The fruit ripens to develop a lovely deep red skin colour. It crops regularly, producing fruit of good size that is sweet, tasty, crisp and juicy. It is an apple best eaten from the tree, so not very good from a cold store.

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