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It’s almost time…

People who work in garden centres know that plants sell best when they have flowers on. In the same way, customers often start thinking about planting fruit trees in spring, when days are warmer and the sap is rising. In the winter, people like to be warm and cosy. Fruit trees are different: they like to be handled when it is cold and all the leaves have come off.

Trees evolved their life cycle to survive harsh winter conditions. In winter, there is far less light for photosynthesis, and the low temperatures can easily freeze and kill the leaves. So in the winter months, the tree shuts down, shedding its leaves and virtually halting its uptake of water from the soil, because sap movement has come to a standstill. That’s why January, February and March are the best time to plant fruit trees.

It’s also important to avoid planting trees in grass and weeds. Young fruit trees must be given a chance to build up their root systems unhindered by grass encroachment. Always make sure that a square yard of soil around the trunk of the trees is completely free from grass or weeds.

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Young fruit trees ready for delivery

Now is the time to plant fruit trees

While it has been a very wet time everywhere in the UK, we getting closer to the time when it will become drier and colder. It may sound unbelievable, however that is still the best time to plant fruit trees. Once we arrive into April the trees will wake up from their winter sleep. Energy will then be needed to bring about the life changes and stages of tree development such as bud burst, young leaf growth and blossom.

It is therefore of great importance that fruit trees have been planted before the dormancy period has come to the end by the end of March.

Fruit trees are site sensitive. To secure availability of the right type of fruit trees for your allotment, garden or any fence or wall you would like to use for a trained type of fruit tree, now is the time to contact us and let us know what you would like to achieve. After all there is nothing better and tastier that growing your own fruit and vegetables. You can trust your own fruit to be free from chemicals, pesticides and fungicides. Plant a few trees and you will also provide an important message for children, that fruit does not grow in supermarkets.

Fruit almost ready for harvest

Fruit almost ready for harvest