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Recommended preparations for the arrival of the fruit trees that you ordered

young-fruit-trees-c-keepps-flickrSoon, the trees that you have ordered will be lifted from the soil and prepared for dispatch.

Weather conditions at this time of the year will vary greatly. Once you have received the trees, of course the best thing is to plant the trees within a couple of days of arrival. If that is possible, just put the roots of the trees in a bucket of water overnight before you plant the trees. This will restore the optimum moisture content of the tree roots. If no planting can be done for 5 to 7 days then do the following. Open the top of the orchard pack to allow fresh air to enter and keep the trees in the pack, in a cold but frost-free place.

If you cannot plant the trees within 7 days after arrival, then dig a trench 10 inches deep and 24 inches wide. Heel the trees into the soil and cover the roots well with soil. Surround the trees with wire netting so that no rabbits or cats can do damage to the bark of the trees. If you have a half-size oak barrel or similar container, take the trees out of the pack, put some soil onto the bottom of the barrel, place the trees into the barrel, and cover the roots totally with soil. Make sure the soil is moist. Do not heel in the trees close to a hedge as mice damage may occur.