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This late, late season, and how it can be useful for planting new trees

As you will have noticed, many trees that would normally have lost their leaves are still photosynthesizing, and roots are still fully active. This situation was caused by the relatively high air and soil temperatures at crucial stages of the year, and it has both positive and negative effects.

The negative effect is the increased amounts of fungal spores in the garden or orchard. It is important to collect leaves as they fall, remove them from the area, and burn them (or dispose of them in your food and garden waste bin if you are in a city). Don’t compost them, because this just gives the fungal spores another chance to infect your plants and trees.

The positive effect is that the tree is able to store resources in its root system, which will give it a better start next year and improve crops.

The late season also affects the trees in our nursery. Normally we say that the best time to plant new trees is from November to late March. This winter, the season in which we are able to lift the young trees and send them to you for planting is from December to mid April.

Even though that seems like plenty of time, it’s a good idea to order now. As always, our stocks are limited, and ordering now ensures that we can provide advice on the suitability of variety to your location, and check pollination requirements should you wish to order some specific fruit tree varieties. To get started, just take a look at our tree varieties page, tick the boxes for the trees that interest you (an orchard pack with five trees is our best-value package) and send us the form. No obligations to you: we’ll confirm that we can supply your order, and you in turn can confirm if and when you are happy. For whatever problems or doubts you may have, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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