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The Suffolk Fruit & Trees Orchard Pack

Saturn, photo courtesy of

Saturn, photo courtesy of

“No man is an island,” and in the same way, no tree is an island. Just as a person’s life is enriched by the people with whom he or she interacts, a fruit tree interacts with the other trees in the vicinity. This is why we developed our Orchard Pack, five trees chosen specifically to create a small biological community in which all the trees help each other, growing and cropping better.

We could say that our standard Orchard Pack consists of two apple trees, a plum, a pear, and a cherry or a greengage. But in actual fact, for Suffolk Fruit & Trees there is no standard Orchard Pack, because it will always be tailored for each customer. If you are not sure about exactly which trees you want, we will suggest a combination of varieties appropriate to your geographical location, your site and your soil. This is the best guarantee of success. Perhaps you know exactly which varieties you want, and in this case you just have to check that they are available on our Tree Varieties page – we are proud to offer one of the most extensive ranges of trees on the market – and specify the varieties in your order.

The Suffolk Fruit & Trees Orchard Pack can be customized in all sorts of ways. Many people like the fruit to ripen over an extended period, so that fresh fruit is available for as many months as possible. Our orchard pack is the perfect package with which to achieve this, as you can choose different types of fruit. For example, a classic sequence of fruit ripening from early to late in the season could be: apricot, peach/nectarine, cherry, plum/greengage, apple/pear. The sequence can be spread out futher by using specific varieties in the different groups.
Some customers ask for ornamental apple trees – ornamental Malus – outstanding for their blossom but that don’t produce edible fruit. Others ask for five traditional varieties, producing fruit that cannot be found in supermarkets. Others may be interested in varieties good for making apple juice and cider, or cooking apples. For all, we can tailor an Orchard Pack so that the five trees grow well together and crop well. What’s more, for each Orchard Pack we provide comprehensive information and instructions, and we are always on hand for advice at any time.
In short, our Orchard Pack consists of five trees – but with a lot of added extras, in the form of advice and tips based on a lifetime spent growing trees. We work like this because we get enjoyment from growing trees, and this is something that we want to share with you.

Where do you go from here? Just visit our Orchard Packs page, fill in the online form, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you with suggestions and a no-obligation offer.